20 Years and Counting: Deploying a System for Automated Analysis of Transmission Line Faults

This paper is to be presented at the upcoming Annual Georgia Tech Fault and Disturbance Conference, April 28-29 in Atlanta. It describes deployment and evolution of a system for automated analysis of transmission line faults implemented at CenterPoint Energy in Houston, Texas. The conference information is available at the following link.


This paper describes the evolution of a system for automated analysis of transmission line faults. The analysis is based on the substation data primarily collected from digital fault recorders. The paper provides a historical overview of the implementation steps and illustrates requirements changes throughout the process.

In addition, the paper shares some interesting experiences related to the usage of the system that illustrate the value and benefits of having the automated fault analysis solution in place. The encounters include events developed during hurricanes Rita and Ike, as well as events during dry weather in 2011. The solution for automated fault analysis played important role in diagnostics and system restoration process.

Full-blown centralized system solution (around 100 IEDs)

Full-blown centralized system solution (configured for ~ 100 IEDs)