Relay mis-operation detection based on time-synchronized field data

Dr. Kezunovic and Dr. Popovic co-authored a publication titled “Transmission line relay mis-operation detection based on time-synchronized field data” published in Electric Power Systems Research.

ABSTRACT: In this paper, a real-time tool to detect transmission line relay mis-operation is implemented. The tool uses time-synchronized measurements obtained from both ends of the line during disturbances. The proposed fault analysis tool comes into the picture only after the protective device has operated and tripped the line. The proposed methodology is able not only to detect, classify, and locate transmission
line faults, but also to accurately confirm whether the line was tripped due to a mis-operation of protective relays. The analysis report includes either detailed description of the fault type and location or detection of relay mis-operation. As such, it can be a source of very useful information to support the system restoration. The focus of the paper is on the implementation requirements that allow practical application of the methodology, which is illustrated using the field data obtained the real power system. Testing and validation is done using the field data recorded by digital fault recorders and protective relays. The test data included several hundreds of event records corresponding to both relay mis-operations and actual faults. The discussion of results addresses various challenges encountered during the implementation and validation of the presented methodology. [link]


CIGRE Symposium Tutorial on the Uses of Substation Data

Dr. Kezunovic and Dr. Popovic gave a tutorial titled Multiple uses of substation IED data for future grid applications at CIGRE Symposium held in Houston, Oct 19-23.

ABSTRACT EXCERPT: “This tutorial provides introduction to modern substation IEDs and covers detailed characteristics of IED data and data collection. The tutorial will discuss the requirements for automated data integration, which is needed as a foundation for future grid applications. The use of integrated substation data will be illustrated with an example of automated data analytics for fault and disturbance event analysis. The discussion will cover the process from the communication of raw substation data, to conversion of data into information, then information to knowledge that can be used to support decision making process. The tutorial will close with business value considerations, important role of standards, and open discussion.”


Dr. Kezunovic publishes book as part of DOE initiative

Kezunoivc, along with his co-authors Sakis Meliopoulos (Georgia Tech), Vaithianathan Venkatasubramanian (Washington State University), and Vijay Vittal (Arizona State University), wrote the book titled “Application of Time-Synchronized Measurements in Power System Transmission Networks.” The focus of the book is an overview of the new most critical power system applications during disturbances: state estimation, voltage stability, oscillation monitoring, transient stability and fault location. The book, which was published by Springer in the Series of Power Electronics and Power Systems, was created through the “Future Grid Initiative” funded by the DOE under a grant to the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Power Systems Engineering Research Center (PSERC).